Around The Workshop

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Have you ever had a makeover? Like new hair, nails, wardrobe, the whole nine yards? Or even just had a full day at the spa where you felt so dang good afterward -- like you could conquer the world? 💪 Wellll, I have...
Our Take on Valentine's Day Gifts
The media makes it sound like Valentine's Day must be all about roses + chocolate + fancy dinners + new Buicks in the driveway. While I am *totally* not complaining if my husband surprised me with any of those things, I think the best gifts are the ones that hold special meaning.
Teacher Gift Ideas
If you're seeking out a back to school gift for your child's teacher, or perhaps you have a friend or family member returning to the classroom to teach, we have some really sweet gift ideas to share with you!
2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide
We're excited to share with you our 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide, full of handcrafted jewelry designs for moms of all kinds! Keep reading to see a few of our favorite picks for this year. This year, we've curated a...