Permanent Jewelry in Longview, Texas

Modern Merrigold is excited to be the first in the Longview area to offer permanent jewelry to our local East Texas community!

Permanent Jewelry is a trending experience that features custom fit, welded on chains in the form of bracelets, necklaces, & anklets. There is no clasp (unless you want to add one), so the piece stays on as long as you want it to! Permanent jewelry is symbolic of a special promise or commitment - think of it as the perfect forever friendship/sisterhood bracelet! This makes permanent jewelry the perfect bonding experience for you and your favorite people. It's perfect for moms + daughters, besties, sisters, even spouses. Contrary to popular belief, permanent jewelry can be popular among men, too. ;-)

Permanent jewelry is also perfect for anyone who likes to accessorize with jewelry but forgets to put it on while getting dressed (*raises hand*). With our dainty chain selection that you can leave on 24/7, you never have to worry about accessorizing!

In addition to consistently offering more than 15-20 unique sterling silver, gold-filled, and rose gold-filled chains, we also offer custom wire-wrapped birthstone bars, gemstone and pearl bars, charms, connectors, and engraved personalized charms (on request).

If you own a local business and would like to schedule a permanent jewelry pop up with Modern Merrigold, or if you'd like to book Modern Merrigold for a group event, please send us a note at

Current Pricing

Bracelet: $55
Anklet: $65
Necklace (up to 22"): $85
Add a clasp for $10

Bracelet: $65
Anklet: $75
Necklace (up to 22"): $95
Add a clasp for $15

*Prices vary based on style of chain selected*

Birthstone/Gemstone/Pearl Bars: $15 (includes one bead & wire-wrapping), additional beads are $5 each
Charms & Initial Connectors: $20

Where to Find Us

Our studio is located at The Lab on Center at 426 N. Center Street Suite 7 in downtown Longview.

Catch us at one of our pop ups/collabs with local businesses! Appointments not required at pop ups unless otherwise noted. Our upcoming events are below.

Saturday, February 10th: Galentine's Market at Likewise Coffee, Tyler, TX

Monday, February 12th: Valentine's Boutique Crawl inside Urban Local Clothing, downtown Gilmer

Walk-In Schedule

In an effort to provide more open availability, our studio in downtown Longview will be open for walk-ins on the following dates and times below. If you would prefer to ensure you have a dedicated time slot, please scroll down to make an appointment. Please note that walk-ins may have a short wait if appointments are scheduled.

No walk in hours currently scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really permanent?
A: While the name may be "permanent", permanent jewelry is not indestructible and requires regular care and cleaning, just like any other jewelry. Ensuring the piece is fitted correctly (not too tight, not too loose) is very important in ensuring the integrity of the piece.

Q: How long does it stay on?
A: Permanent jewelry stays on as long as you want it to! If you decide you want to switch up your look and remove the jewelry or if you need to remove it for a medical procedure, simply clip it at the jump ring where we welded the chain together. Keep the chain in a ziploc bag or jewelry box until you decide you want it re-welded.

Q: What is the jewelry made of?
A: We source the best quality sterling silver, gold-filled, and rose-gold filled chains from reputable suppliers. This type of metal is made for daily wear. It is still jewelry though, so you'll want to ensure you're cleaning it regularly with your Modern Merrigold polishing cloth or a jewelry cleaner for the specific type of metal. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the jewelry is required to ensure that it lasts and stays looking beautiful!

Q: What does "gold-filled" mean?
A: Gold-filled refers to the manufacturing process used to create the metal & the amount of solid gold used to make the metal. Gold-filled jewelry contains at least 5% solid gold fused with a base metal like sterling silver or jeweler's brass. The process to make gold-filled jewelry is different than plated or vermeil jewelry and tends to be more durable and lasting (with proper care). Gold-filled jewelry is as close as you can get to solid gold jewelry without the solid gold price tag.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Not at all! There is a common misconception that permanent jewelry is welded TO your skin, but that's not the case. The chain is welded together, and nothing harmful ever touches your skin. We take special precautions to ensure that you are safe while getting permanent jewelry.

Q: What if I need to remove the jewelry?
A: If you need to remove your jewelry for any reason (like surgery), simply clip the jump ring where your chain was welded with scissors, nail clippers, or something similar. Save it and we can easily re-weld it for you later!

Q: How old do you have to be?
A: Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 10 must have a clasp added to their permanent jewelry (new policy in effect 3/2/23). No exceptions to this policy.

Q: What happens if it breaks?
A: We offer a weld guarantee that covers free repairs for Modern Merrigold permanent jewelry that breaks *at the weld* within 30 days of purchase. If the jewelry breaks at any other place besides where it was welded by us, we can repair on a case by case basis for a small fee. Please email if your jewelry breaks in a place other than the weld so we can assess a repair. We cannot replace lost jewelry or charms.

Q: What do I do if my piece is too loose/tight?
A: We are glad to resize a piece that is too loose. When scheduling an appointment, please select the "Reweld" option. Resizing services generally run between $10-25. For pieces that are too tight, please email us at so we can further assess!

Q: How do I see all of the chain and charm options?
A: Because we carry a large number of chain styles and availability varies, we don't have a photo of all of the options we currently have. The best way to see our recent work is to visit our Instagram profile (@modernmerrigold) and look through the Permanent Jewelry highlight at the top of our profile. You can also view recent pieces we've done on our Facebook & Instagram feeds.

Q: I got a piece of permanent jewelry from another company, but I need it resized/repaired. Can you help?
A: We are glad to help, but cannot offer a guarantee on another company's chains. Before scheduling an appointment, please email us photos of the piece at


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