Our Story

When I first started designing jewelry, it was during a sort of dark time in my life. While I was on the cusp of completing my bachelor’s degree and was proud of that accomplishment, I realized that I had no idea what I *really* wanted to do with my life. Like many millennials, I did what I thought I was supposed to do - go to college & graduate with a marketable degree to get a stable job. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that the life I was currently building was NOT the life I wanted. I felt pretty lost.
While working part time at a bank & taking a full load of Accounting courses in 2011, I learned the basics of creating beaded jewelry and instantly fell in love. I felt a connection to this creative endeavor that was so strong it could not be ignored. I knew that this was my purpose. This was what I was meant to do. I took that feeling and ran with it.
After several years of very hard work, I’m proud to have built Modern Merrigold from a modest side hustle to my full time career that creates jobs & opportunities and gives back to a cause I’m extremely passionate about - helping non-profit animal rescues find homes for homeless dogs & cats. The journey hasn’t been easy, and there are still plenty of bumps in the road, but I’m grateful to have made my dream of entrepreneurship come true. I live to create meaningful, stylish jewelry with a pop of color for women to help them look and feel their best. 
- Founder, Mary Wood
(Above: me & my awesome husband)
(Above: Two of our fur pups, Dexter and Betty)