Modern Merrigold

We believe in celebrating life’s meaningful moments, occasions, and people through personalized jewelry & gifts while also giving back to causes we're passionate about.

Welcome to the Studio

Our Founder

Our pieces are handmade in the Lone Star State with trending fonts, youthful designs, and locally sourced materials whenever possible. But our jewelry isn’t a passing trend: every piece is made to last with high quality materials, designed to tug the heartstrings of both the giver and the recipient for years to come.

Modern Merrigold is jewelry for the modern, fun-loving woman, perfectly tailored for happy hour cocktails, Sunday morning brunch, and all the moments in between. We’re here to lift your mood with cheerful packaging, meaningful designs, and easy + comfortable-to-wear styles for the modern woman on the go. We want our jewelry to add a hint of sparkle to your outfit and a slice of happiness to your day every time you wear it. 

Mary Wood