Jewelry Care Instructions

Please know that while your jewelry is carefully handcrafted, it can be damaged if it is not taken care of. Below we've outlined a few instructions for ensuring that your hand stamped metal jewelry is long-lasting. 

  • Keep jewelry out of direct light (natural or artificial). 
  • Do not expose the metal to water, extreme heat or cold, excessive sweat or moisture, as this can cause the darkened impressions to fade or change. 
  • Please do not swim or shower while wearing your jewelry.
  • When not wearing, keep jewelry in an enclosed area at room temperature out of the way of the elements. 
  • Use a pro polish pad or soft cloth to clean your jewelry after wearing. 
  • The boxes that your jewelry is shipped in are meant for shipping and gifting purposes only. They are not meant for long term storage. Please do not store your jewelry in these boxes. Instead, store in an enclosed jewelry box away from the elements. Necklaces should be hung when stored.