Birthstone Jewelry: Not Just for Birthdays

While it's super common for people to naturally gravitate toward birthstone or birth flower jewelry to celebrate a birthday, this style of jewelry can represent so much more!
Did you know there's a birthstone and birth flower for every month (sometimes multiples for each month)? To make it easy, I added a summary of the ones we offer below. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it!
January - Garnet - Carnation
February - Amethyst - Violet
March - Aquamarine - Daffodil
April - Diamond - Daisy
May - Emerald - Lily
June - Alexandrite (pearl) - Rose
July - Ruby - Waterlily
August - Peridot - Poppy
September - Sapphire - Morning Glory
October - Pink Tourmaline (Opal) - Marigold
November - Citrine - Chrysanthemum
December - Blue Topaz/Zircon - Holly

3 Creative Ways to Gift Birthstone Jewelry

#1: Weddings or Anniversaries: Birthstones and birth flowers can symbolize the month you get married, the month you met your significant other, or even the month you got engaged! 

#2: Adding a new family member: Whether it's your first child or a new puppy, a new piece of birthstone jewelry or adding on a birthstone to an existing piece is the perfect way to represent them.

#3: To mark a milestone: Maybe it's graduating from high school or college, achieving a personal goal, or marking an important time in your life. No matter what it is, birthstone jewelry can represent those meaningful moments. 

No matter how you gift it, our handmade birthstone or birth flower jewelry makes celebrating any type of meaningful moment effortless. Shop our collection of Birthstone Jewelry or Birth Flower jewelry and find the perfect gift today!

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